Gap Analysis & Program Staffing

Concerned about running a office with employee development staff already working at capacity? Unable to envision a cost-effective training program or budget effectively? Struggling to keep pace with new technologies? Need a seminar or live course converted to online format? Need a course created for your program, either live or online or both? Need to expand your education marketing and offerings?

We can:
  • Get projects back on schedule.
  • Enhance your conference or workshop education content development, design, and marketing.
  • Provide innovative, cost effective approaches to reaching new markets.
  • Provide a "Train the Trainer" or "Facilitator Training" program specific to your industry or profession.
  • Provide Social Media marketing.
  • Create, develop, and implement project-based learning.
  • Convert materials to common-format electronic course formats.
  • Create new text, images, diagrams, illustrations, audio, and video for online courses and programs.
  • Create complete, stand-alone online course web sites with instructor interaction, account management, forums, e-commerce, and more.
  • Help you find, qualify, and train permanent replacement education staff.
...leaving you to do what you need to do!