Learning Resources Network (LERN)

Learning Resources Network (LERN). We are an international association of lifelong learning professionals offering information and resources to providers of lifelong learning programs.

If you or your organization is engaged in providing any kind of lifelong learning program, LERN can provide you with practical, how-to information not available anywhere else.

LERN members and customers are engaged in a variety of programs, including:

  • business classes
  • conferences
  • contract training
  • continuing education
  • leisure learning
  • community education
  • certificate programs
  • general interest classes
  • seminars
  • consulting
  • staff training
  • recreation
  • continuing education
  • online courses
  • and more...

    Increase your program registrations, boost your income, and save on costs. Join LERN and get practical, how-to information on:

  • marketing
  • teachers
  • needs assessment
  • customer service
  • finances
  • program development
  • market research
  • brochures
  • pricing
  • promotion