HIPAA on Amazon Web Services


Running a cloud solution for web servers, data processing, and storage for medical applications is becoming critical for reliability, speed, and accessibility. As a bonus, the cost-to-performance ratio is usually better with a well-configured cloud cluster.

HIPAA in the Cloud gets a boost

In May 2017, Amazon Cloud EC2 servers configured in a VPN network passed certification for HIPAA use. This means that dedicated server hardware (one of the more expensive EC2 options for servers) is no longer required. That means the smaller medical companies and medical data services can now use cloud to much better economy and still stay HIPAA compliant.

So let's learn about HIPAA in the cloud!

Architecting for HIPAA Security and Compliance on Amazon Web Services

A big part of being HIPAA compliant is simply being able to document and validate your infrastructure. More and more tools are being created and adapted to do just that. This is becoming a major part of implementing HIPAA computing systems. Learn more in these videos: