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These online courses range from 1 to 8 weeks, and are instructor led courses related to social media. Many are also business related. Some lead to a certificate program.

Catalog of Available Courses and Workshops

Below are the titles of seven online courses and/or workshops that are available from Lowther7, LLC Catalog descriptions, learning objectives, and details for each are provided separately following this listing.

Creating Successful Talent Within Your Firm

Available online or by appointment.

Embracing Sustainability in the Workplace

Online only - Instructor-led.

Simple LMS for Firms and Associations

Available online or by appointment.

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Available online or by appointment.

Overview of Managing Projects

Available online or by appointment.

Developing Online Courses

By appointment only - Instructor-led.

Introduction to Digital & Social Media Marketing

By appointment only - Instructor-led.

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Introduction to Digital and Social Media Marketing

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This course introduces key principles for developing an integrated social media marketing strategy and tactics for implementation. A primary goal is to show design professionals how social media has become imperative for firms to elevate their online presence to compete in the digital marketplace. The focus is on practical resources for planning and executing a comprehensive social media marketing program using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SlideShare and other networks. We start by examining an integrated approach to leveraging three major elements of online digital marketing; relevant content, social media and search engine optimization (SEO). Subsequent courses in the Digital and Social Media Marketing series take a deeper look at individual social networks, specific training in each platform and additional digital marketing topics.

Knowledge Level:

This program is an awareness level program.

Course Design:

This program is designed to be delivered on-site or online in 1 hour. The program allows for Q&A and includes a personalized plan of action.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program you will be able to:

  1. Develop a business-oriented social media strategy for a design firm.
  2. Describe how social media and content marketing work together to optimize search engine optimization (SEO).
  3. Identify the major social networks and differentiate the importance of each.
  4. Describe how each type of social network can be leveraged to reach various customer segments in the digital marketplace.

This Course is Recommended:

  • For Individuals online.
  • For Regional, State or local association events.
  • To support a design firm'€™s internal curriculum.
  • To support product or service manufacturer'€™s marketing efforts.

Minimum of 12 participants required to book this session.


Katin Imes

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