Katin Imes

picture of Katin Imes
Chief Technology Officer
Eugene, OR
Web Systems, Serious Games, company network and cloud infrastructure, LMS Developer, Educational Media Producer.


Create access to the skills, tools, and knowledge that let people thrive in the Information Age.

Top skills:

  • Web Systems Development & Software Engineering, 10+ years
  • Server & Cloud Infrastructure Management, 10+ years
  • Online course developer & media production, 10+ years
  • Training & Presentations in both business technology & soft skills, 10+ years

Top positions:

  • CTO, Lowther7: Guide, manage, develop web systems and service support infrastructure for all projects - including LMS
  • CEO, Expedition 21 Media, Inc.: Online courses media production including web sites, e-commerce, and LMS
  • Director of Development, Digital Reef Services: Manage client services and project teams; develop web systems
  • Owner, myInternetDept.com: Server infrastructure and IT team planning, consulting, and management for business


High-level: UI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Games Design, Data Analysis
Software strengths: C, C++, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL
Software supplemental: R, Java, Assembly, embedded systems, encryption
Server strengths: Linux/Unbuntu, Apache/LAMP, Amazon EC2/CENTOS, general security
Systems supplemental: Raspberry Pi, Arduino
Open Source strengths: Drupal, Commerce, Moodle, JQuery.js, Knockout.js, Node.js, Crafty
Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, Chromium

Fluent Tools include:

Git & Github • KanbanFlow • Trello • BaseCamp • Slack
Google Business Suite • Amazon Cloud Services
VirtualBox • MySQL Workbench

Trainer & Key Note Subjects

  • Education: Serious Games, Games as Demonstrations of Competency, Games in Online Courses
  • Internet: Development Management, e-Commerce, A Quality Business Presence
  • Media: History and Applications of Podcasting, HTML5 vs. Flash, Building Online Courses
  • Technology: Big Data, Cloud Systems, UI/UX, Stratification
  • Business: Business Modeling; Business Dashboards & Analysis; Big Data in Business


Worked in embedded systems development as a senior in high school, went on to spend six years in mainframe database development (KSAM/AlphaMicro) and work order applications development. Moved to games development as team lead developer for several Macintosh simulation and war games. From there, wrote 100,000+ node network management systems and real-time graphical status analysis applications for Metricom/Ricochet (WorldCom). Became National Training Manager for sales teams, network operations center staff, installer teams, and an Internet in-bound tech support call center. From there went directly into independent web development, writing three shopping carts and one of the first content management systems available and then leveraging Open Source to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the development of over 100 web sites and e-commerce sites, including social networking software systems, online courses and LMS (Learning Management Systems), CMS (content management systems), online communities, e-commerce, Drupal, and Open Source. Co-author of several online assessment tools including the Organizational Professional Development Self-Assessment, the Firm Professional Development Self-Assessment, a Peer-Essay Continuing Education Tool, and two National Speakers Registries.

What others are saying...: 

"Katin is an incredibly well-informed techie with the ability to explain complex and new concepts to me, a complete non-techie. He displays endless patience and respect, sharing his passion with enthusiasm. As a result, the process of web development and related activities becomes surprisingly enjoyable. I recommend Katin for ALL things internet related!"
-- Clare Myatt, Psychotherapist and Coach

"Katin is an exemplary provider of both advice and delivered product. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone who wants an excellent website."
-- Founder, GoodLittleBiz.

"Katin delivers outstanding presentations. His discussions focus on audience needs, and he changes his approach quickly and efficiently to match their interests. He has an expert command of his material, is prepared for questions, and can present complex technical ideas with clarity and simplicity."
-- Kelly George, Director Program Management at Symantec.