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Take that leap in 2018?

How long have you been putting off the development of a strategic education plan? Do you still need to complete the needs assessment of your key constituents? Are you weighing how much time you can pull from your regular projects to cover the organizations education activities? Are you concerned about the ongoing quality of your education programs? Not sure what your technology delivering options are?

We can provide the solutions with positive results for your organization’s unique learning needs. A professional network that has teamed together for more than 20 years we provide clients customized education learning solutions to address today’s economic, social and technological challenges. Let us help you address these questions and make 2017 your most successful year providing education to your members, staff, and clients.

  • Strategic Education Planning
  • Complete Education Organization and Program Effectiveness Audit
  • Improved classroom, online and blended learning

...and more. Whether you need support transitioning or transforming, we can help.

  • Strategic education planning
  • Assisting subject matter experts (SME) to develop skills-based training programs
  • Cost effective online learning systems

...and much more. Learn more about how we can help with MCE, CEU, HSW, CPD, PDH, ILU, and others.

  • Marketing action plans that drive top line revenue
  • Continuing Education development, improvement, and delivery
  • Increase your ROI with project based learning

...and much more. Find out how to work with design firms and associations for better business.

About the Lowther7 Leadership Team Members

    The team leaders of Lowther7 have collaborated on projects together for over 25 years. Their combined experience covers a variety of projects and educational models, providing learning solutions for professional and trade associations, non-profits, design firms, and corporations.
Thom Lowther, Ed.S.

Washington, DC

Thom has more than 30 years' experience in professional education and development. Thom is passionate about understanding the "why" of professional education and then builds programs addressing the how and what around the answers to that question. He provides clients with customized education services, creative learning solutions, and answers to address today’s economic, social and technological challenges.

Thom has worked with professional and trade associations; with private sector firms; A/E/C product manufacturers; and several government agencies - as both an employee and external consultant; and as an administrator in higher education and later as an adjunct professor. He is an expert in finding the right learning solutions for the organization. He has assisted organizations to reach new audiences and to establish or enhance their professional education programs. Thom has taught a variety of workshops and online courses related to leadership, marketing, future trends, organizational behavior, and professional development. He is a former Jury member for the LearningElite Awards and contributing author to the PSMJ Resources monthly newsletter. He shares his knowledge as a coach, speaker, author and blogger.

Katin Imes

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Expedition 21 Media.com
Eugene, OR

Katin is an experienced software developer, project manager, and a UX/systems designer. His passion and mission is creating access to the skills, tools, and knowledge that let people thrive in the Information Age. Specialties include: social networking software systems, online courses, customized - cost-effective Learning Management System (LMS), CMS (content management systems), online communities, e-commerce, Drupal and Open Source. He has developed and managed web systems since 1996, the earliest days of the web, including server operations, hosting, security and encryption, e-commerce, and advanced back-end functionality.

In addition to currently managing more than 40 websites for performance, security, and SEO for both clients and dev-ops projects on cloud servers, local servers, and hosted servers, Katin designs and implements our instructional mini-games for online courses. Mini-games create strong engagement, enhanced understanding and exploration of new information and application, and can serve as demonstrations of competency. Here is a free, NEW mini-game -demonstrated at GREENBUILD 2014 - that appears in a course after students have learned how to qualify building materials for the new LEED Materials Reporting credit:

Play the LEED Materials Credit mini-game

Katin is the co-author of several online education tools. These tools include an Organizational Professional Development Self-Assessment that can be modified for either firms or association use; a Peer-Essay Continuing Education Tool, and a National Speakers Registry. NEW! Ask about our online games individually designed to enhance skills and competencies.

• Software engineer: 20+ years
• Skills trainer: 20+ years
• Course developer, technical writer: 15+ years
• Web Developer: 20+ years
• E-commerce Developer: 15+ years
• Game Developer: 15+ years
• UX design: 10+ years
• Big Data analysis and systems: 5+ years
• Website performance, security, and SEO: 10+ years

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